It’s time to look outside the window. Project Thrive is asking Leadership Teams, to enter a season of study and investigation of their church community – the geographical area that surrounds the church building. Where to even start can be tricky!

The best way to begin any exploration is by having a strong starting point that can launch you forward. Below is a list of questions that will help spark curiosity for your Leadership Team, and hopefully spark ideas of what information you want to present to your congregation.

Questions to ask as you look out the window of your church:
  • Nashville has changed over the past 10 years,
    • How have the demographics changed in this area?
    • In what ways have businesses changed over the years in this community?
  • Does our congregation represent the majority or minority [age, race, ethnicity, language, marital status] of the community?
  • Which demographic similarities and differences exist between our congregation and the community?
  • What do we believe is true about our community?
    • Does the data show it is true or false?
  • Are the current church members part of the surrounding area?
  • If we imagine ourselves planting a church in this building at this time, what would we absolutely need to know about this community?

For more curiosity-driven guidance as you begin looking out the church window, check out the Community Tool Box: Understanding and Describing the Community by clicking the button below.

Ready to Explore?

Your team can find tools to begin gathering data about your community under our Leadership Team Resource page by clicking the button below.

  • We have raw data about our community, but don’t know which graphic to use or how to make the graph…
  • Our team needs help finding community data about ages in our community
  • We have an idea of what specific question we want to explore, but don’t know which resource to use to find the answers…
  • Our coach said Project Thrive could make a heat map for our church, where do we start…

As always, if you have any questions or concerns please contact Shanty at the Project Thrive office using the button above. Shanty can help answer questions, set up a time to virtually-meet with your team, and even create graphics for your team. Feel free to reach out to her.