We provided Canoeing the Mountains by Todd Bolsinger to participating pastors of Project Thrive in the summer of 2020.

Pastors, our team recognizes that in the midst of crisis, stress, or ongoing change, it is typical to quickly forget new information. As part of our Summer Seminars in 2020, we encouraged you to pick up your copy of Canoeing the Mountains and explore what Bolsinger offered to you. The ideas of change and leadership in this book may be helpful to you as we continue through the envisioning process with your leadership teams this year.

We’ve created a few resources to encourage you to revisit content and information from Bolsinger.

Whether you are reading the book for the first time, scheduling time to finish reading the book, or want to review key ideas – we hope these 3 resources are helpful to your time of reflection:*

1. Canoeing the Mountains Handout
The handout provides bullet point ideas with reflection questions for each section. This handout is ideal for you to use as you read along and deeply engage with the content.

2. Canoeing the Mountains Executive Summary
Do you need a reminder of big ideas from the book? The executive summary expands on the ideas Bolsinger introduces in each section. Keep this executive summary nearby to revisit weekly or monthly.

3. Video Summary: Canoeing the Mountains
Visual or audio learner? Watch our book summary with main ideas from Canoeing the Mountains’ main five sections. Ideally, you can watch this at any point or at the end of your reading for a quick recap of Bolsinger’s ideas.

These resources are free, accessible and appropriate to share, redistribute or print out for personal use.
*Click on the bolded titles of the resources above to access resource in a new page.