In June 2021, participating pastors received Navigating the Future by Dr. Gregory Jones & Andrew Hogue.

We invite you to grab your copy of the book, a journal to write your reflections, and engage with our content as we learn from Dr. Jones what it means to utilize traditioned innovation to thrive in our communities and institutions. *

If you haven’t started reading the book already, think on your experiences or ideas about innovation. Start by brainstorming your perception of a framework for innovation.


Dr. Jones provides an answer to the challenges we face today with traditioned innovation: “a way of thinking and living that holds the past and future together in creative tension” (pg. xvii).

This framework and mindset are significant because it cultivates commitments to navigate the future with confidence and hope.

The introduction includes multiple examples and illustrations to define traditioned innovation. Traditioned innovation is characterized as obvious, counterintuitive, transformational, and urgent.

As you reflect on your role in your community, which of the listed characteristics of traditioned innovation resonates most with you?


In what ways does this framework of traditioned innovation differ from your initial idea of innovation?

Chapter 1: Navigating

In our world today, we realize that we do not have the social infrastructure that we need to flourish.  We look for quick fixes, but we also realize that they aren’t working. Three exemplary stories in this chapter point to the power of traditioned innovation.

What types of institutions does Dr. Jones suggest we need to cultivate?

How can these types of institutions serve thriving communities?

Navigating the future requires us to bring fresh imagination to our leadership and participation – regardless of our positions – in institutions across sectors. Dr. Jones names 10 virtues and character dimensions essential to the work.

What are the virtues and character dimensions that are essential to the work of traditioned innovation?

We look forward to sharing our upcoming post next week. Be ready to reflect on Chapter 2 and 3 of Navigating the Future. Remember to subscribe to our blog for more content from the Project Thrive team.

*We encourage you to gather your answers in a word document or journal – and feel free to leave us your thoughts in the comments below! Reply to others’ reflections or submit your own reflection.

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