Leadership Team Resources:


Community Research Tools

The resources below are tools to help your Leadership Team know more about your community. Click on the blue links to go to the sites described below:

  • Statistical Atlas – This resource helps you zone in to your neighborhood using U.S. Census data. The data is easily digestible through graphs.
  • U.S. Census Narrative Profiles – Find text, graphs, and bar charts with social, economic, housing, and demographics from a specific county.
  • U.S Census Data Profiles – Search by county for information on social, economic, housing, or demographic characteristics. All raw data is in excel-tables.
  • U.S. Census – The data from the census can be categorized by topic and region. We encourage you to search by your zipcode region, and the data tables can be downloaded as files.

Is your church part of the Nashville Baptist Association, Presbytery, or the Tennessee UMC Conference?
MissionInsite is available for your church. Request your extensive report that includes graphs of demographics around a 5-mile radius of your church, and a glance at differences in the past 10-years.

  • NBA Contact: 615-259-3034 to request your report.
  • Presbytery of Middle Tennessee: Register here to request your report.
  • TN-UMC Conference: Register to MissionInsite following the steps found here, to request your report.
  • MLC, SPEC, and FELC contact Shanty here for your report.

AS ALWAYS, if you want more guidance or help navigating any tools, CONTACT SHANTY HERE