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Our Story: Documenting the Process

The journeys of the churches participating with Belmont University through Project Thrive are building a collective story to answer: “What does it mean to be a thriving congregation and how do churches transition to a thriving church culture?” Over the following years, Project Thrive will require each Leadership Team to document their congregational process.

This is the Documentation Template for leadership teams to use: Click here to download Documentation Guidelines.


Present Conversation Documentation due by May 7th, 2021

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Next Steps for 2021

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Details for Next Steps 2021

It is okay for all churches to be moving at their own pace through this process. We will move through the next steps collectively, knowing each church will move through each phase at their appropriate pace.

Documenting the Process
Leadership teams are required to submit documentation for key conversations throughout the year. Find more information and Documenting Guidelines here.

Future Conversations
Your congregational coach will help your leadership team and congregation to answer: “What is our God-Sized Dream?” You will have conversations that engage the imagination and relate to the 7 Thriving Traits.

Spiritual Discernment Retreat
The Project Thrive team wants to equip you and your Leadership Team to not just know about Spiritual Discernment, but also practice and integrate Spiritual Discernment with the Projecrt Thrive process. We are preparing a time for pastors and Leadership Teams to be present for an on-Belmont campus retreat in August.

Writing Initiatives Retreats
Congregational coaches will meet with leadership teams to create initiatives revolving around your God-Sized Dream. The initiatives will focus on 3-5 Thriving Traits to set your congregational goals for the upcoming year.

Rollout Initiatives
Leadership Teams will introduce and present the finalized initiatives to their congregation.